Sunday, June 15, 2014

Science This Week (June 9-15, 2014)

Were dinosaurs warm- or cold-blooded?  Turns out, they were lukewarm-blooded (technical term mesothermy).

Microbeads in your face scrub are filling up the Great Lakes, and have the potential to really screw up the ecosystem.

Researchers have modified stem cells to express a mutation conferring resistance to HIV.  If the cells can be safely transferred to people, this could be a functional cure for HIV!

Megalodon lives?  Speculation over what ate this 9-foot Great White Shark made the internet rounds this week.  Spoiler: it was neither Megalodon nor Giant Octopus.

A species of snakes in North Carolina may need to up their mimicry game - they have been mimicking coral snakes, which have been extinct from the region for over 50 years.

Retinal tissue was developed from stem cells.  Good news for people with vision impairment.

Check out this cool infographic: how your brain evolved from bacteria

And in non-biology news:

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