Sunday, July 20, 2014

Science This Week (July 14-20)


Vampire bat venom is able to dodge its victim's immune system, could lead to new treatments for stroke and high blood pressure.

Being overweight may be better for your heart: cardiovascular mortality higher among people who are underweight.

Cinnamon could help fight Parkinson's: the spice lessened the effects of the disease in mice.

Ever wonder what happens to your brain when you're writing?  Writing stimulates that hippocampus (involved in memory) and areas of the brain involved in speech. But there is a difference in brain activity between professional and novice writers.

Earth-like soils on Mars suggest microbial life.

Researchers have invented a microchip to diagnose type-1 diabetes.

Brain cell transplant in mice reverses learning and memory loss caused by Alzheimer disease.

Speaking of which, an arthritis drug shows potential to slow the progression of Alzheimer disease.

Babies practice speech long before their first words. (Open Access)

The fossil of a teeny tiny hedgehog-like mammal was discovered in Canada.

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