Sunday, July 27, 2014

Science This Week (July 21-27, 2014)

Toxoplasma gondii (aka the cat poop parasite) has been put to work delivering cancer drugs.

A LEGO microscope that really works!

And in other toys-turned-equipment news: bubble wrap can now be used as a cheap alternative to 96-well plates in assays.

Researchers have found evidence that T. rex hunted in packs.

A Danish scientist announced that his team was able to remove HIV viral particles from cells using anti-cancer treatments.  This news comes from the 20th International AIDS Conference in Australia, to which 6 people on flight MH17 were headed.

And the world's first HIV-killing condom has been approved.

A new gene was discovered that fights metastasis in lung cancer.

Why domesticated animals have those cute, floppy ears (spoiler: it's to make them look cuter - seriously)

Bats don't just use SONAR to find their way, they also use polarized light (and they're the first mammal known to do this!) (Open Access)

Apparently, standing up to pee influences prostate enlargement in men with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms. (Open Access)

A video discussing a meta-analysis of GMO safety (See more GMO topics that I've previously addressed).

Speaking of GMOs, GM mosquitoes will soon be released in Brazil. (more here)

Science is for everyone!  A 12 year old boy just discovered a new genus of spiders.

Just to remind you all how important science literacy is.

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