Sunday, July 6, 2014

Science This Week (June 30 - July 6)

Regrowing damaged corneas using stem cells.

Japanese stem cell "breakthrough" retracted for several critical errors, including misconduct.  Researchers around the world had considered the original findings to be revolutionary to the field of stem cell science.

Insect diets may be responsible for the evolution of large human brains.

Vascular networks created using 3D bioprinters.  These have the potential to facilitate tissue and organ transplants.

Fruit fly research tells us what happens in female brains during courtship and mating.


Newly discovered fossil shows that feathers evolved before flight.

Interbreeding with extinct, closely related species is partly responsible for Tibetans' tolerance to high altitudes.

Researchers create muscle powered bio-robots.

Why some (crazy) people hate cilantro.

New method developed to look at the life history of adult cells.

Using LEGO blocks to grow plants. (Open Access)

And why 9GAG is not a credible source for scientific information.

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